Coffee Storage Lids

  • Includes 2 Silicone Coffee Cap Bean Preserving Lids
  • Preserves Coffee Beans by Protecting them from Oxygen while Venting CO2
  • Easy to Use with One Simple, Self-Sealing, Silicone Piece
  • Sized for Wide Mouth Mason Jars Only
  • Colors Include x1 Brown and x1 Caramel
  • Screws onto Mason Jars (Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, etc.); Screw Band Not Included
  • Dishwasher Safe, BPA and Phthalate-Free
  • Coffee Caps Measure 84mm in Diameter

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L E T    Y O U R    B E A N S    B R E A T H E

Fresh roasted coffee beans let off carbon dioxide in a "de-gassing" process. To keep beans fresh for as long as possible, they must be stored in a container which allows this carbon dioxide to escape as necessary, without allowing Oxygen to get at the beans and cause them to go stale. 

We've created Coffee Caps to transform any wide mouth mason jar into the ideal coffee bean storage vault. Using the same technology developed for our Pickle Pipe, you can keep beans fresh with jars you already have around the house. Just screw the Coffee Cap into place with any standard screw band (not included) and store your beans in a dark spot, like a cupboard. That's it. There are no valves to replace, maintenance, or monitoring whatsoever. It just works.

Coffee Caps provide the flexibility to store large or small quantities in jars that you already have. This reduces cost, and allows you to upcycle your jars for yet another useful purpose.


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