Sprouting Lids

  • Includes 2 Bean Screen Sprouting Mason Jar Lids with Silicone Gaskets 
  • Turns Mason Jars into the Perfect Environment for Growing Safe, Healthy and Delicious Sprouts
  • Grows Any Type of Sprout, Including Alfalfa, Bean, Broccoli Sprouts and More
  • One Size Fits All Seeds: No Messing Around with Different Sized Lids 
  • Features an Inverted Spout for Splash-Free Rinsing and Optimal Airflow, Faceted Sides to Prevent Jars from Rolling, and Pegs for Optimal Drainage
  • Available for Wide Mouth Mason Jars (fits Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, etc.)
  • BPA and Phthalate-Free, Silicone Gasket Included

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Sprouts are a delicious and convenient way to ingest more fiber and vitamins. Sprouts have the same nutrients as fully grown vegetables, but in more concentrated, easy-to-eat portions. Store bought sprouts are subject to bacteria and many shoppers are wary of this safety risk. Growing sprouts at home is the best way to ensure they’re safe and bacteria-free, but not many tools exist to streamline the process.

The Bean Screen makes growing sprouts at home easy, fun and safe with a unique growing lid for Mason jars. The Masontops Bean Screen is used for every step of the sprouting process, from rinsing, draining, to growing. The Bean Screen is unlike any other sprouting device. It features an anti-roll design and can be placed upside down on pegs for superior drainage. It also has an inverted spout to prevent splashing during the rinsing process.


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