About Masontops

Fast Facts: 5 Things To Know 

1. Masontops is dedicated to finding accessories and tools to help people upcycle their Mason jars.

2. Mason jars only come in two standard mouth sizes, which is why Masontops products fit any Mason jar. 

3. Masontops focuses on two primary categories: tools for fermenting vegetables in Mason jars and turning Mason jars into unique storage containers.

4. Masontops Pickle Pipes have been backed by over 4,500 people on Kickstarter and have received outstanding praise in the fermentation community. 

5. Masontops is the first fermentation company to establish itself as a household brand. We have outstanding brand recognition throughout a number of communities, including fermentation, healthy eating/lifestyle, gardening and canning. 

Who Is Masontops?

Founded by childhood friends Phil Baron and Mike Bacher, Masontops started with a joint appreciation of Mason jars. Go to your cupboard: chances are you have at least 4 Mason jars tucked away. Although they've been around since 1858, Mason jars continue to be a versatile storage vessel, crafting tool, and decor item. We were so inspired by the utility of the Mason jar and allure of its vintage charm, that we decided to start a company to help people upcycle their jars. Masontops is dedicated to creating Mason jar accessories that turn Mason jars into beautiful storage solutions, easy fermentation vessels, coffee bean preservers, and whatever new idea comes our way.

What Are Masontops Product Categories?

Masontops focuses on creating easy-to-use fermentation tools for fermenting food in Mason jars and unique lids and accessories that turn Mason jars into practical storage containers. We are constantly developing new Mason jar-related products and expanding our offering. 

To view fermentation tools for Mason jars please click here.

To view Mason jar lids and accessories, please click here.

How Do I Order Masontops?

If you are interested in ordering Masontops products wholesale, you can create an online wholesale account here. All approved wholesale accounts are given the option to order online or work with a sales rep. It typically takes 1 business day for us to process wholesale account applications. 

If you already have an approve account and are signed in, you can learn more about our ordering and shipping here. Please contact us here with any other questions.

If you are not interested in ordering wholesale, please visit www.masontops.com

What Trade Shows Does Masontops Attend?

Masontops will be attending the 2019 International Housewares Show in Chicago from March 2 - 5 in a new booth, S3746, in the South Hall. 

What Is The Masontops Kickstarter?

Masontops launched the Pickle Pipe on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter and received outstanding support from the Kickstarter and fermentation community. In one month, the Pickle Pipe was supported by over 4,500 people who pre-ordered the new product and were our first customers to receive them. Since then, the Pickle Pipe has become Masontops most popular fermentation product. 

Learn more about the Masontops Pickle Pipe below: