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Who Is Masontops?

Masontops started with an appreciation of Mason jars. Although they've been around since 1858, Mason jars continue to be a versatile storage vessel, crafting tool, and decor item. Masontops is dedicated to creating Mason jar accessories that turn Mason jars into beautiful storage solutions, easy fermentation vesselscoffee bean preservers, and whatever new idea comes our way. Our comprehensive assortment of easy-to-use fermentation tools for has earned us recognition as the first household fermentation brand. 

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What Is Fermentation? 

Fermentation, specifically lacto-fermentation, is a process whereby the natural bacteria present in fresh vegetables utilize the carbohydrates to reproduce and excrete lactic acid, which preserves the vegetables and creates the characteristic tangy flavor. Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi and miso paste are all well-known examples of fermented food, but virtually any vegetable can be fermented. 

Fermenting food at home has become extremely popular now that the health and cost benefits have been recognized in mainstream media and health-food experts. 

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Creating a wholesale account gives you access to the Masontops catalog, price list, online ordering and contact information for your personal sales reps. Online wholesale customers are also given first access to special promotions and new items. 

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